Maximum cooking flexibility in small spaces: Convotherm Mini Combi

The Convotherm Mini Combi Oven Steamer brings maximum combi cooking flexibility, power and quality to places where no combi has gone before – tight spaces in small kitchens and remote locations.

Available immediately in Europe and currently undergoing North American agency certifications, the Mini Combi is planned for US introduction during the summer of 2007.  North American models will utilize ¼ size and ½ size standard sheet pans, will be manufactured in North America for easy availability, and will be distributed through Cleveland Range.  (See the Convotherm Mini Combi Oven preview video.)

At only 22 ¼ inches in width and 26 inches in depth, the countertop Convotherm Mini requires a minimum of counter space while packing cooking power and capabilities of the world’s largest units.  The compact footprint means operators get high quality combi cooking results for small batches, at remote locations, and with reduced energy use.

Small Stature, Huge Performance

It may be small in stature, but the Convotherm Mini Combi stands tall in performance and packs many innovative and industry-leading features.  Like its larger siblings (the 2005 Kitchen Innovation-award winning Convotherm by Cleveland Combi-Oven Steamers), the Convotherm Mini includes: