Dual Rail Prep Tables

Double the Production, Same Footprint

Take your operation to the next level in pizza prep by utilizing the benefits of LiquiTec® cooling technology.  Dual rail prep tables have a second, elevated rail to improve production without adding to the footprint.




Add to the menu without crowding the kitchen
Add toppings and products to the operation in the same space and in the same overall footprint.

Enhance Productivity.
Add capacity with improved ergonomics and labor efficiencies.

Double the capacity in less than half the footprint.
48” Dual Rail = (12) 1/3 size pans = standard 99” Pizza Prep Table

72” PDL = (18) 1/3 size pans = has no equal
This is the largest capacity of any standard pizza table available anywhere.

Patented LiquiTec® Technology
LiquiTec® uses eutectic fluid permanently sealed in a jacket surrounding the pan opening as the cooling medium.  Refrigerant lines cool the eutectic fluid, which in turn, cools the pan.  This fluid remains a liquid at extremely cold temperatures, providing consistent, even super cooling, keeping food fresh and safe.

Labor Efficiency
Pans are mounted flush with the work surface for improved ergonomics.  Also, because the pan covers the entire opening, it reduces frost build-up on the liner which means less time defrosting.  Clean-up can be done with the swipe of a cloth.  Also having 6” deep pans means less frequent replenishment.