Blend-In-Cup™ System

With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the Blend-In-Cup™ workstation takes the guesswork and the mess out of making delicious and nutritious smoothies, frappes, blended ice beverages, and so much more. Everything you need is onboard—a refrigerated cabinet that holds ready-made mixes, an onboard ice machine, even two stations that rinse themselves after each drink.

With the
touch screen,
making a drink
is easy.


Automatic dispense and
dual mixing stations mean high-production with minimal clean-up.


Everything you need is built right in for a true all-in-one automated system.

Manitowoc Ice Indigo Series

Indigo™ offers intelligent diagnostics,
the ability to monitor ice machine operations
24-hours a day, easy-to-read display screen,
water and energy management features that
save money. Available with capacity from
250 lbs to 1,000 lbs of ice per day.


Servend Flav’r Pic™

FLAV’R PIC™ ice/beverage dispenser gives your
customers over a million beverage combinations to customize their drink to their taste...16 beverage selections and up to 8 flavor enhancements. Built-in ice crusher provides two types of ice from a single ice maker/ice dispenser combination—cubed and crushed.