eikon™ Series

There are no limits to what you can serve with the new eikon™ Series. From fresh, hot and delicious convenience foods to high quality fine dining, you can cook practically anything fast and to perfection—with touch screen ease. As part of the eikon™ series the e4 boasts cook times up to 15 times faster. Featuring the icon based easyToUCH™ user interface, it's perfect for a you-serve or self-serve oven.

Consider adding grilled chicken, toasted sandwiches, fresh baked appetizers, or pizza.

Lincoln CTI Toaster

The Lincoln electric Countertop Impinger (CTI) ovens puts large-oven capacity almost anywhere you need it. Small enough to fit on most commercial countertops, but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwaves. Utilizes a 16” (406mm) wide conveyor belt and 20” (508mm) baking chamber, and can be stacked two high. The Lincoln CTI does not require ventilation in
most applications.

Consider adding toasted sandwiches, pizza, cookies or baked pasta.


Garland Induction

Imagine how efficient and fast it would be if you could generate a precise amount of heat in only the cooking vessel itself. No burners. No hot surfaces. No heat to transfer. That’s exactly what Garland Induction Technology is all about. Induction uses magnetic energy to generate heat in the cooking vessel itself. This can save energy, reduce heat in the kitchen and increase speed of service. Barrier-free creative potential, precise, instant powerful heat concentrated exactly where you need it.

Consider adding these menu items: Stir fry, omelets, “made to order” pasta, or Asian cuisine.

Convotherm by Cleveland
Mini Combi

Create exciting new menu items. Simplify kitchen procedures. Improve your profits. The Convotherm Mini is the world’s smallest, fully functional combi oven. With the Mini there really are no limits to the quality you can achieve with everything from baked goods to steamed vegetables to perfectly cooked proteins. The Mini features the easyToUCH™ menu system. Recipes are easily entered into the oven through the touch screen display. Once stored, repeating the recipe is as easy as the press of the photo icon. This ensures cooking consistency without the need for highly skilled labor.

Consider adding these menu items: macaroni and cheese, French fries, roasted pork sandwiches, whole chickens, or steamed vegetables.