With Manitowoc Foodservice you could be serving up higher profits in no time.

In today’s food and beverage industry your customers have more choice than ever before. From convenience stores and quick serve restaurants to independently-owned eating establishments, menu trends are driving changes in how a foodservice operation is configured to enable greater service and profitability.

Manitowoc Foodservice’s Kitchen Profiles have been designed to demonstrate how leading-edge technology in food and beverage equipment can be combined with operational expertise to create platforms that outperform in key operational areas to drive your concept’s success. We can collaborate with you to deliver your menu with less time, space, labor, waste and energy so that you’re equipped to compete and achieve better profits serving the menu items your customers crave.

Trend Fact:
Chains serving breakfast
grew by 12.5%. The total number of menu items grew by nearly 25% during the same period!
Trend Fact:
Staying on top of flavor and ingredient trends is paramount, making flexibility an important component of any concept.
Trend Fact:
28% of consumers
consider blended ice beverages or smoothies
a snack item.
Trend Fact:
Sandwiches account for more than 37% of all incidences of grilled on QSR menus.

Running a successful foodservice operation is more challenging than ever. In addition to dealing with labor issues and other internal factors, you must also keep a steady pulse on the ever-changing external forces that motivate patrons. At Manitowoc Foodservice, we make it our job to stay on top of the forces shaping tomorrow—so you can stay focused on your operation today.

We continually monitor real-time consumer behavior to deliver the equipment solutions you need—from a single unit to an entire kitchen suite. Manitowoc Foodservice offers a full portfolio of innovative food and beverage equipment that reduce footprints, offer faster cook, prep and serve times, employ easy touch screen controls and lower energy use to enable operators to take their menus further. We have some of the world’s most recognized and trusted equipment brands: Frymaster®, Manitowoc® Ice, Delfield®, Cleveland, Convotherm®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Servend®, Multiplex®, Lincoln, Merrychef®, and Jackson.

Trend Fact:
Major and emerging concepts are actively developing food offerings that put healthful, high-quality, and fresh attributes forward.
Trend Fact:
C-Stores are rolling out a greater variety of foods to expand day-parts and
appeal to customers.
Trend Fact:
The number of side items has jumped 18.3% between 2008 and 2010.
Trend Fact:
The hot trend toward grilled
chicken shows no sign of slowing down.
 Trend Facts Source: Technomic, Inc. 2010 - 2011