Kitchen EXCELeration Systems

From idea, to concept, to design, Delfield’s Kitchen EXCELeration™ Systems can accelerate your culinary success.  With years of design experience and integration, Delfield will deliver the most efficient ergonomic system.  We can integrate not only Delfield cold and storage units, but also heating and holding units from Cleveland, Lincoln, Merco, Garland and Merrychef.

Design to Reality

Pizza EXCELeration™ System

Pizza Exceleration SystemFrom dough to pizza perfection, the Pizza EXCELeration™ System is designed for speed of service while maintaining exceptional quality of production.  With the combination Delfield’s engineered refrigeration, flow designed fabrication and Lincoln’s Accelerated Cooking Technology you are ensured pizza success.  It is ergonomically designed to maximize production while maintaining a compact foot print.  All adding to the value of your pizza operation, increasing your profits and satisfying your customers.


Sandwich EXCELeration™ System

Sandwich EXCELeration SystemSandwichYou’ve got the perfect sandwich, we have the perfect workstation.  The Delfield Sandwich EXCELeration™ System will ensure you deliver the perfect sandwich every time.  Anyone can push units together, but our proven engineered process flow of the Sandwich EXCELeration™ System will ensure you success, letting you meet rush demand with exceptional labor productivity.  Everything you need to make a great sandwich is right at your fingertips. Spec Sheets available here


Create your own custom EXCELeration™ integrated system

Custom SystemsPatented Innovative Technology

Exclusive design features such as our patented LiquiTec® and Versa Drawer™ technologies have made Delfield a pioneer in innovation.  These technologies can be integrated into an engineered solution to meet customer specific needs.

LiquiTec® Cold Pan Technology

Versa Drawer

Versa Drawer™Multi-Temperature Refrigeration System


Integrated Systems

Delfield equipment works seamlessly with a variety of Manitowoc partners including Lincoln, Merco, Garland, Cleveland, Merrychef and Frymaster to create state-of-the-art EXCELeration™ Systems. By combining technologies, we can engineer an EXCELeration™ System specifically suited to your operation.