Accelerated Cooking Technology

Accelerated Cooking TechnologyAccelerated Cooking Technology®

Manitowoc Foodservice equipment featuring Accelerated Cooking Technology® (ACT) is designed to speed your kitchen processes and shorten the time from order to service. That means more through-put and productivity from your kitchen, extra revenue during your peak periods, and true convenience (even around the clock) for happier customers.

Manitowoc offers a broad range of flexible, easy-to-operate ACT equipment including conveyor ovens and toasters, combi ovens, microwave-assisted ovens, induction griddles, and other “smart” equipment that delivers full menu options without expert labor. Through award-winning cooking brands such as Merrychef, Cleveland, Lincoln, and Garland, as well as the custom design and refrigeration capabilities of Delfield, we can create complete Kitchen EXCELeration Systems.

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Accelerated Cooking Technology