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You’ve created the perfect Grab-n-Go menu, now make sure items are kept fresh and easily accessible to your customers. Manitowoc Foodservice manufactures walk-in coolers and freezers, hot holding cabinets and display merchandisers that will keep your Grab-n-Go creations fresh and looking great. Power your refrigeration equipment with a dependable and energy-efficient Manitowoc RDI refrigeration system. Don’t forget to offer bagged ice for your customers to keep their food cold when they’re ready to Grab-n-Go!

Kysor Panel Systems:

Kysor Panel Systems for Grab-n-Go applications include: beverage display and storage, beer caves, food display and storage, and ice storage. Kysor Panel provides a complete package of merchandising display equipment including refrigeration systems and glass display doors.
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RDI Refrigeration:

The 120 High Side System is a high efficiency air-cooled refrigeration condensing unit designed specifically to operate on Walk-ins over a wide range of ambient temperatures. RDI is a ‘made in America’ refrigeration solution, so you know it’s made with pride to last and operate perfectly.
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Manitowoc Ice Bagging Attachment:

Durable stainless steel construction withstands frequent use and resists corrosion. Large chute quickly handles high volumes of ice while minimizing spillage. Bagger is easy to install and slips quickly over frame of bin door opening. Removable for easy cleaning. Combine with a high capacity Manitowoc ice machine to bag more profits for your operation!
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Delfield Reach-In Refrigerators

The Delfield Specification Line is the single finest line of reach-ins ever developed. Every detail is engineered to perfection, from the removable top mounted refrigeration system to the seamless, die-stamped interior top and bottom. And with an astonishing range of features and options, Specification Line delivers the ultimate customized performance.
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Merco Mini Heated Merchandising Cabinet:

Separate heat and humidity controls keep crisp foods crisp and moist foods moist, not just for minutes but for hours. Hold everything from hot pretzels to pizza, croissants to bagels — even hot dogs and meat pies.
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Merco Fried Food Holding Station

Available in three sizes—10”, 16” and 27”, in both countertop and dropin configurations, FFHS units from Merco are sure to meet any capacity requirements – from early morning breakfast to midnight buffets!
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