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Our NACS ‘Taste-Drive’ showed how easy and fast it is to offer high-quality food and beverage that’s fast and fresh

Taste Drive at hit at this year's NACS

At NACS shows in the past, the Manitowoc Foodservice booth has featured demos performed by our corporate chef’s and culinary experts. This year it was your turn. We  showed you how easy it is to make more with food, beverage and ice sales using equipment that is as easy to use as it is automated and fast. How easy and fast?

When you operate this equipment for yourself it becomes clear that:

  • This equipment is easy and intuitive – anyone could use it – EasyToUCH™ is the reason why
  • This equipment is fast – you can serve a desirable menu within an amount of time customers will still call convenient.
  • The various pieces of equipment work together efficiently and yet take up a relatively small amount of space
  • You could offer a variety of high-quality food and beverages to draw more customers and drive more sales from the ones you have
  • A fresh approach makes it more possible than ever before to turn your store into a food and beverage destination

Our guests used the Merrychefeikon to toast sandwiches in 20 seconds. Operators saw firsthand how our automated, all-in-one, smoothie, frappe and blended ice beverage machine, the Multiplex Blend In Cup, can become a beverage-profit centerpiece of their stores. If you missed it, you can get the full story on any of the products we showed by following the links available on this page, and contact us any time for more information.

The Multiplex Blend-In-Cup

Have Smoothies and Frappes, Will Earn More

The Blend In Cup Machine by Multiplex is an all-in-one, touch-screen enabled, automated blended ice beverage machine that makes perfect smoothies, frappes and iced drinks – right in the cup. Blended Ice Beverages are a huge growth area for everyone from chains to café’s and, now with the Multiplex BIC, Convenience Stores too. It could well be the most profitable three square feet in your store.
Learn more here...

Merrychefeikon series

Redefining Fast Food

With cook times up to 15x faster than conventional ovens, Merrychef’seikon series enables Convenience Store operators to deliver high-quality, fresh food faster. Imagine a frozen pizza cooked to perfection in a mere minute and a half; a toasted sandwich in less than 20 seconds; and even a fresh-cooked whole chicken in less than 12 minutes. The versatility and flexibility of this oven makes it perfect for operators who have caught on that a variety of food prepared fast and fresh is a winning combination. An icon-based touch-screen and no need for ventilation makes this series even more appetizing.
Learn more here...


What’s Your Flavor, What’s Your Pick

Offering your customers choice is a wonderful way to give them the variety they thirst for. Doing so with Servend’sFlav’rPic gives you the space saving solution you need. With 16 beverage choices, eight flavor enhancements and two types of ice (crushed or cubed), the combinations are almost limitless – all this in a dispensing unit that takes up less than 3.5 square feet of space!
Learn more here...

Manitowoc Ice Indigo:

Intelligent Thinking Inside the Box

It’s nothing new to be able to get a bag of ice from a Convenience Store. But what is new is that many operators are catching on to the idea of increasing profits by producing and bagging their own ice. Manitowoc Ice is America’s number one selling brand of ice machine. We’ll have a full range of ice-making solutions on hand, including an ice bagging set up so that you can see first-hand how easy, economical and profitable it is to sell your own bagged ice.
Learn more here...

The Convotherm Mini:

A combi oven in a C-store? Really?

Really. The Convotherm Mini is the world’s smallest fully functioning Combi Oven. Combi Ovens combine convection heat and steam for outstanding results across most major food types -- from baked goods to meat and vegetables. This cooking technology wasn’t even a consideration for smaller foodservice operations until Convotherm created the Mini. At only three square feet of space, the Mini is now making its way into restaurants and foodservice outlets of all sizes. And, the Mini uses the EasyToUCH™ control panel – a visual-based touch-screen that makes using the oven easy. Simply load and touch a photo on the screen of the item being cooked.
Learn more here...

Lincoln Countertop Impinger:

From Pizza to Toasted Sandwiches

Conveyor ovens are popular because they are easy to operate and can produce a large volume of food with minimum labor. The Lincoln CTI is all of that in a size that makes sense for smaller operations. What sets this cooking technology apart is the consistent high quality to which it produces some of the more popular menu items found at smaller foodservice outlets. Its speed and flexibility means that you can reduce waste, manage your production during on and off-peak times and add interesting menu items to keep it fresh and current so your customers come back for more.
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