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Fresh: An Approach to Food and Beverages Your Customers Will Find Irresistible

When it comes to purchasing food, we’re often drawn to foods that are prepared fresh. But, fresh takes time – something many patrons of Convenience Stores don’t have. So, operators traditionally offer food that’s heavy on speed and convenience, even if it’s a little light on taste and perception of freshness.

But times have changed.

With advances in food, cooking and holding technology, convenience stores have more opportunity than ever to introduce variety, freshness and quality into their menu, while still offering convenience and speed. It’s a combination many patrons find irresistible.

Manitowoc Foodservice, with its portfolio of leading food, beverage and ice equipment brands, has been developing equipment for years that is designed to enable operators to profit from the current trend toward high-quality food, faster. Our equipment holds food fresher longer; our smaller, touch-screen enabled ovens cook up to 15X faster; our icon-based touch-screen beverage machines automate the smoothie process; and our workstations deliver speed, efficiency and food safety while balancing the operators’ need for this equipment to take up less space.


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