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Chef Elliot Interview Cont...

Mobile KitchensQ: What is your all-time favorite Manitowoc Foodservice brand of equipment and why?
A: Merrychef. This brand has so many things going for it from speed and performance in a small footprint to the ease of use for operator including programmability, simple controls, and being easy to clean.

Q: What is the importance of having quality, reliable equipment in a kitchen? Can you cite an example where equipment reliability (or a breakdown) impacted a restaurant/kitchen operation?
A: In one of the restaurants I worked in early on, the oven door broke and I had to tie it together with a coat hanger. We would have it fixed and then a few months later it would break again. As a chef you need reliable equipment. Chefs will spend the money if they are getting a strong reliable product they can depend on. That is what I like about Manitowoc, we build things to last.

Q: What up-and-coming trend do you see on the horizon in foodservice? And how can Manitowoc Foodservice play a role in it?
A: Foodtrucks or mobile kitchens. The oven platforms are now being designed for small footprints plus ventless is a big advantage for Merrychef in the world of mobile.

Q: In which segment in the industry do you see the greatest opportunity?
A: I would have to say convenience stores. Consumers continue to be even more time pressed and getting everything in one stop is going to be even more important. Quality and speed is king. That is how c-stores will win the time crunch battle.

Q: How do you see consumer eating habits influencing the foodservice industry now and in the future?
A: An overall holistic approach to health including healthier options, fruits, veggies, made fresh, low sugar, no sugar. Living a healthier lifestyle, more calorie conscious, and working out daily.




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