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Chef Hans Interview Cont...

Bone in Stuffed PorkQ: What is your favorite or signature dish to prepare?
A: A bone in stuffed Pork loin. The pork loin is filled with a concoction of Normandy butter, garlic, chanterelles, chopped chestnuts, dried cherries and fresh herbs du Province. The loins are then vacuum bagged and cooked at 145 F for 12 hours in a Convotherm combi. Just prior to serving the loins are removed from the bags and pan seared to caramelize. The juice from the bags is reduced and becomes the flavoring for the sauce. This dish is usually accompanied by a Cassoulet also prepared in the Convotherm.

Q: What was your favorite menu item to test and what cooking platforms did you use for the solutions?
A: To date my favorite menu item to test was 6 entire suckling pigs for a large hotel's wedding function. With an average weight of 70lbs we needed to be able to cook then chill then retherm the pigs over a 5 day period. We devised a harness to hang the pigs in an OGB 20.20 and would cook one during the day then one overnight. We created a five stage recipe to cook the pigs to perfection. We then Reterm'd the pigs on the day of the event and they were brought to the buffet to be carved. The project did not go without its hiccups. The first pig was hung with a hook and the body separated from the head. This did send the breakfast cook in to mild apoplexy at 5 a.m. when she saw a body lying in the oven.....not really how one would chose to start their day.

Q: What was one of your favorite projects you worked on that impacted process and workflow for the end user.
A: A district school board removed all existing deep fryers from their facilities. Originally they were looking at replacing them with convection ovens or not at all and eliminating all non-bakeable products from the menu. We were made aware that the school board was looking at our competitions combi ovens. We, after two presentations, convinced them that our combi offered solutions that our competition could not, but still needed to justify the cost. So we took the assignment a step further and created cooking programs for many of their current products, as well as providing documentation and proof of time and energy savings as well as higher yields. We were initially awarded with the contract for 27 schools with the potential for additional ones. After following up with the school board the feedback has been excellent. The schools had initially lost up to 50% of their daily revenue due to the change in "fried products" in compared to the previous year. After only a short time they recovered almost 100% of the revenue, which speaks volumes about our products and the program we developed.

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