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Chef Hans Interview Cont...

Q: What was the most challenging project you took on for a client, and what was the outcome?
A: A white tablecloth operation had the desire to sear and warm an entire lobe of Foie Gras for table service. We were able to meet that challenge with the Merrychef E4. We were faced with the challenge of producing a perfect product time and time again with the added pressure of achieving the settings due to the cost of the Foie Gras. No one is perfect, but we were able to delivery on only the second attempt.

Q: What is your all time favorite Manitowoc Foodservice brand of equipment and why?
A: A very difficult question to answer as I have a few for various reasons. But, my favorite is the Convotherm OEB 10.10 with a Sous Vide probe. Time and time again it proves to be a reliable, multi platform piece of equipment. It rarely disappoints and continually achieves the challenges I have put it through. It is hands down the best combi oven on the market.

Q: What would you tell operators is the ultimate reason to have quality, reliable equipment in a kitchen?
A: A Foodservice operation relies on today's equipment to not fail. Establishments today operate with less equipment in a smaller footprint and therefore put a higher demand on reliability and quality. We recently had an OGB 20.20 have a fan failure just prior to a Parliamentary function in our nation's capital. Although the technician was able to get the unit fixed that evening it did cause an immense amount of stress and panic to the Chef and his kitchen staff. It was the support of the Garland Team and the quick response of our FST that gave the Chef the confidence to purchase a second unit when the time came.

Q: What up and coming trend do you see on the horizon in foodservice, and how does Manitowoc Foodservice play a role in it?
A: We must always recognize and differentiate a trend from fad. The trend in my opinion will always be quality food in a timely manner produced on equipment that meets and or exceeds the expectations of the operator (cook/chef). Whether the trend is Thai cuisine, Vietnamese Pho or Cajun Fusion with molecular overtones, the core of their success will be the equipment they produce it with. I believe that Manitowoc's role will be to maintain or exceed quality manufactured equipment that has an ease of use and a relevancy to today's needs in the culinary world. And when I say relevancy I mean, multi platform, energy efficient, accelerated and durable.

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