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Chef Huddleston Interview Cont...

eikon E2Q: What is your all-time favorite Manitowoc Foodservice brand of equipment and why?
A: Oh, the pressure! I enjoy working with and selling all of our brands. I gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction when a chain implements one of our technologies in their system and both operations and customers realize the benefits. For me, the Merrychef brand has positively improved a number of operations with its versatile and ventless operation.

Q: What is the importance of having quality, reliable equipment in a kitchen? Can you cite an example where equipment reliability (or a breakdown) impacted a restaurant/kitchen operation?
A: Consistency and ease of use is critical in today's foodservice operation. Without these criteria satisfied, the system simply breaks down and it becomes most evident during peak hours. Equipment reliability (and the reliable support functions that back up the equipment) helped us win several accounts this year vs. our competition in the fast casual segment.

Q: What up and coming trend do you see on the horizon in foodservice? And how can Manitowoc Foodservice play a role in it?
A: Everyone is talking about food trucks and pop-up restaurants. Neither of these "trends" are new though as approximately 1/3 of the world's population eat street food and enjoy the occasional, but temporary, "supper club." But with our consumers growing increasingly tired of the routine restaurants and lunch spots, these mobile venues offer exciting variety and great social experience. Kiosks and QSR's can learn and benefit from these mobile kitchen success stories. All of these operations require equipment that efficiently bundles footprint, capacity and performance while offering ventless and smart features. Merrychef is a platform that we will continually lean on to support these unique operations. With multiple footprints and capacity offerings coupled with ventless operation, we can continue to grow this category of equipment in the US, meeting the needs of unique and diverse foodservice operations.

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