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Chef Kim Interview Cont...

Hot Berry Crumble

Q: Describe your favorite dessert?
A: There is nothing that makes me say “YUM” more than warm cinnamon berry crumble with creamy hot custard.

Q: What is your favorite type of cuisine?
A: My all-time fave is Indian. The combination of flavors and the way those flavors meld through the preparation and cooking process makes for a unique dining experience.

Q: What are 5 ingredients you couldn't live without?
A: Garlic, fresh herbs, sea salt & black pepper freshly ground, butter and did I mention garlic… everything is better with garlic.

Q: What was your favorite menu item to test and what cooking platforms did you use for the solutions?
A: Mini turkey sliders on homemade spelt grain rolls with caramelized onion jam and Gruyere cheese. We used the Merrychef eikon e4 for the versatility of grilling and the easyToUCH technology for foolproof cooking and the Convotherm 6:10 mini easyToUCH for the buns. This menu item showed how simple it was to expand a menu and the versatility of our equipment that many operators may not have considered.

Q: What is your all time favorite Manitowoc Foodservice brand of equipment and why?
A: Garland Induction cook tops. The innovation in induction cooking technology provides instant heat, 60 seconds to bring anything to a boil and no open flame. This means it’s not hot to work around; it’s easy to clean and is portable. This type of technology is a game changer by allowing operators to reduce cook time and expand their menu without a large financial investment.

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