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Chef Kim Interview Cont...

Hot BiscuitQ: What was your latest project you worked on that impacted process and workflow for the end user.
A: One of our clients wanted to take advantage of the growing breakfast category by adding breakfast to the menu. The catch was we had to make the additions using existing Manitowoc equipment. The breakfast menu had to be unique and easy to make which meant we really had to think outside the box, mixing familiar flavors with a new twist. This was highly rewarding and the client has been able to capitalize on the breakfast trend.

Q: What was the most challenging project you took on for a client, and what was the outcome?
A: When you have client who has a gold standard product that they have been cooking on a different platform, it can pose are real challenge, when recommending an operational change. In this particular case it was biscuits. You might think it would be simple but the improvement and perfection took 12 cases of biscuits. That is around 3,000 biscuits it took us to perfect and improve the process.

Q: What is the importance of having quality, reliable equipment in a kitchen?
A: A busy banquet kitchen getting ready to plate up 350 meals and suddenly in the middle the steamer quits working and there’s no way for you to finish the vegetables. This puts the plating behind and the food gets cold while you’re trying to figure out what to do. Not only do you rely on the equipment, but so do your customers. You have to know you have quality reliable equipment to be a success. Manitowoc Foodservice provides that quality along with factory trained technicians and planned maintenance programs to ensure your equipment runs smoothly.

Q: What up and coming trend do you see on the horizon in foodservice and how is Manitowoc Foodservice helping operators take advantage of that trend?
A: Operators are currently looking for ways to server better food faster. Our advanced cooking technology line is helping them do this with equipment that is easy to use. We are able to take the customer to new places with their menu, open up new opportunities with quicker, faster, and fresher food. As consumers become more educated on food, taste and quality we are able to help them meet the customer’s high expectations.


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