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Culinary Quip: How Chef Matt Auck came to look at food and family, simply.

Chef Matt AuckCookouts were more than hotdogs and canned spaghetti-o's in Chef Matthew Auck's young life. Through his scouting experience he learned how to make pasta from scratch, cook sourdough bread over charcoal and make full meals over a campfire. "This was when I seriously started thinking about becoming a professional chef" says Auck. He spent his time at home reading cookbooks, preparing meals for his mother, who at times was unable to cook because of illness, and experimented with recipes to put his own signature twist on them. "I see the kitchen as the heart of the home and enjoy spending time with my own daughters in our kitchen and passing on my passion for cooking to them."

While cooking for hundreds at scouting events was an early influence in his career, Chef Auck has spent over 15 years in the sports and entertainment industry serving thousands daily. Working in major sports facilities, convention centers and concert venues all over the United States, has provided Chef Auck a frame of reference that he uses daily as a corporate chef for the Ovens and Advanced Cooking Technology group. "Understanding regional food history, local recipes and cooking techniques has made me a better chef. It allows me to support our clients with new menu ideas and ways of preparing food that can increase sales and deliver new customers in a very competitive industry where differentiation is crucial."

Food moves people, speaks to their soul, creates friendships, memories and family bonds. Chef Auck knows this from experience, and uses this knowledge to create relationships with his customers that will keep their businesses growing with Manitowoc Foodservice equipment in the kitchen.

Q: Describe your favorite dessert?
A: A well prepared crème brûlée. It is my absolute favorite. Every time I see it on a menu, I have to order it. I have had a lot of good ones, but only a few that have been truly memorable.

Q: What Chef would you most like to have dinner/conversation with and why?
A: Julia Child. She was a great ambassador to everyone, from the home cook, to the aspiring culinary student, to the seasoned Chef. Her love and passion for cooking was inspiring. She was an idol of mine for my entire culinary career. It would have been an honor to share a meal with her, listening to her passionate thoughts on food, stories of her life in the culinary field, and shared in the humor she was known for. Even though she is no longer with us, I would have loved the chance to thank her for everything she has done for cooks like me.




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