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Chef Matt Interview Cont...

Grilled Cheese from Convotherm CombiQ: What is your all time favorite Manitowoc Foodservice brand of equipment and why?
A: Awww, you saved the easy ones for last. The Eikon series of Merrychef ovens; particularly the E6. It's a versatile workhorse of an oven. I look forward to the jaw dropping after demonstrating how easy it is to consistently produce menu items with any of their employees regardless of culinary skill. I have a 5 year old son at home who likes Curious George. Even Curious George could turn out consistent food from the E6.

Q: What is the importance of having quality, reliable equipment in a kitchen? Can you cite an example where equipment reliability (or a breakdown) impacted a restaurant/kitchen operation?
A: I think any Chef worth his salt has a horror story of a piece of equipment that refused to work at a most inopportune time. I fondly remember a restaurant to which I was part of the opening staff (Sous Chef) where the day after the soft opening (and day prior to opening day) the Ansul system decided to blow. Once the fire department left, the hood system company reset and recharged the Ansul system. A well placed call through the owner to the health department got our permit to open fast tracked, and we spent the night cleaning every nook and cranny. Upon start up the next morning, I was starting a new batch of stocks when the system popped again for no apparent reason.

What I learned from this was the importance of ensuring you purchase equipment from a reputable manufacturer, who has service agents and qualified personal who understand the issue and also the urgency of the situation. That is what I stand behind when talking to customers about Manitowoc Foodservice, I have the confidence in selling products that are high quality and backed by the industries best and most qualified service agents.

Q: What up and coming trend do you see on the horizon in foodservice? And how can Manitowoc Foodservice play a role in it?
A: Despite what publications like Nations Restaurant News or QSR, or even the American Culinary Federation may say about foods and the ever changing palate of the American consumer; the one consistent tenet is that speed of service is key to the successful business. How many times have you returned to the restaurant where you received slow or inadequate service? However, speed is nothing if it does not carry quality, consistency and ease to the operations daily function.
Technology is at the heart of the future those who embrace the technology will continue to grow their business. The ever evolving technologies from Manitowoc's portfolio of brands: Merrychef, Convottherm, Garland, Lincoln (et al) will be here assisting those with foresight to capitalize on evolving trends.

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