Incentive (Rebate) Guide 2012

Updated Incentive Guide: Find Food Service Equipment Rebates!

On October 4, 2012, EPA released the October 2012 ENERGY STAR CFS Incentive Guide. The CFS Incentive Guide is an Excel document that provides a description of various CFS incentives offered by energy efficiency program sponsors across the U.S. The guide is designed to help increase collaboration between program sponsors and CFS distributors, retailers, and manufacturers who wish to promote energy efficiency in the commercial kitchen industry.

Manitowoc Foodservice has over 250 ENERGY STAR approved products that may qualify for rebates in your state. The EPA was able to highlight more than 70 different utilities across more than 40 states. This guide includes the eight ENERGY STAR product categories, as well as a broader set of commercial kitchen equipment and components offered by some utilities.

Energy Star DFS Incentive Guide Map

2012 ENERGY STAR CFS Incentive Guide

Along with this Excel document, EPA offers a corresponding CFS Incentive Finder, which is a zip code search tool that includes rebates for the ENERGY STAR product categories. To locate either of these tools, visit the CFS Buying Guidance tab at

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Energy Savings
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A growing number of states, municipalities and utility companies are offering rebates to foodservice operators who purchase energy-efficient equipment. And those rebates can be substantial – several are up to $1,000!

Use the Commercial Food Service Equipment Incentive Guide, to search for available rebates in your area. The CFS Equipment Incentive Guide includes information on a wide variety of products for your operation. Available online or download now.

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