Induction Cooking

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Get the job done up to 50% quicker with Garland induction cooking equipment

Garland Induction Cooktop
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Garland Induction Wok
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Garland addresses the need for speed in today’s fast-paced restaurants by incorporating the latest induction technologies into their countertop cooking equipment; resulting in a 20 to 50% faster cook time without sacrificing food quality.

Induction cooking is faster and more energy-efficient than traditional cook tops

Induction is an accelerated cooking technology that offers “instant on” heat and accurate temperature controls, unprecedented among electric appliances. When compared to conventional cooking methods, induction cooking offers safe, high speed cooking, tighter temperature controls, and increased energy efficiency. 

With induction cooking, pots start to heat up instantly when current is applied; the pot immediately stops heating when the element is turned off. No wasted energy used in cooking foods – 100% of the energy in the induction coils goes toward heating the pot, as with a typical electric or gas stove, a large percentage of heat escapes into the ambient air.

Induction cooking contributes to a safer environment

With induction cooking, the maximum temperature in the system is that of the pot. This temperature is much less capable of causing serious injury than the high temperatures of flames or red-hot electric heating elements. This makes working around the cooking surface more comfortable and reduces the possibility of injury. In addition, the induction cooker does not warm the air around it which also contributes to higher energy efficiency utilization.

Garland offers a complete line of countertop induction equipment - learn more here