Induction Cooking

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Frymaster’s multi-tasking Pasta Magic offers endless pastabilities …white chocolate bourbon bread pudding anyone?

Pasta Magic

Triton Rethermalizer


Today’s busy kitchens can use all the help they can get. From rethermalizers like the new Triton FE 155, to the multi-tasking Pasta Magic™, Frymaster® products can help you cut costs, cut back on equipment, and streamline your kitchen operations.

Frymaster’s Pasta Magic offers endless Pastabilities

It’s not your typical pasta maker. Frymaster’s Pasta Magic is a new series of gas pasta cookers that offer state-of-the-art features and benefits for quick, consistent, and perfect pasta preparation while also offering all the benefits of a rethermalizer.

As a pasta maker, Pasta Magic will produce up to 34 pounds of perfect spaghetti in just 13 short minutes. It is also available with an attached rinse tank for a quick shock before portioning. Used as a rethermalizer, foods can be prepared ahead of time and then reheated before the big rush – saving time, money, and stress. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, the menu possibilities are endless.

Triton Electric Rethermalizer

The Triton™ rethermalizer is specifically designed for cooking vacuum-sealed foods, whether fresh or pre-prepared, or whether refrigerated or frozen in bulk, it hot-holds cooked products until needed. With its ability to ensure precise temperatures and cook times, the Triton is safe for water bath cooking and holding. Triton’s temperature settings range from 125º F to 210º F allowing operators to cook and hold foods, saving space and eliminating the need for additional equipment. It comes equipped with the Boil Boost feature, an option that quick starts, cooks, and allows a timed cook at 212º F.