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Accelerated Cooking Technology Speeds Service

Accelerated Cooking Technology speeds your kitchen processes, shortening the time from order to service.  That means more through-put and productivity from your kitchen, extra revenue during your peak periods, and happy customers who crave convenience and excellent food.

Among the lastest ACT products delivering faster cook speeds, menu flexibility, and excellent food quality are:

Merrychef 402S Accelerated Cooking Oven
Cooks a wide variety of products at speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional methods. With a compact footprint and built-in catalytic converter, the oven may be operated without a hood, offering maximum flexibility in location and accessibility. Learn more 

Convotherm By Cleveland Combi Ovens
This 2006 Kitchen Innovation award-winner cooks faster than standard convection oven and helps to retain nutrients and flavor with the gentle cooking power of steam.  The Crisp & Tasty finishing control removes moisture for crisp, golden results without deep frying. Learn more.

Lincoln Fusion Conveyor Toaster
Winner of the 2006 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association, this infrared conveyor toaster offers 8 and 16 inch belt widths with parabolic design that improves bake and saves energy. The Lincoln IR Conveyor Toaster is an Manitowoc Foodservice Accelerated Cooking Technology product. Learn more

Lincoln FastBake™ Impinger Ovens
With patent-pending technology, the Lincoln FastBake oven delivers high quality food at 10 to 30% faster bake times than comparable models. Winner of the 2007 NRA Kitchen Innovation Award, the Lincoln FastBake delivers four-minute pizzas that will delight the tastebuds of time-pressed consumers.  Learn more.

Garland Xpress Grill with PRC
The clam-shell; type griddle cooks product top and bottom for accelerated results in a compact footprint, outperforming larger griddles. The advanced control senses product height and automatically adjusts time for best quality and food safety. The Garland XPress Grill is an Manitowoc Foodservice Accelerated Cooking Technology product. Learn more

Garland Induction Griddle
Garland's Induction griddle disperses energy equally across the cooking surface for consistent, fast cooking.  Induction griddles achieve greater energy efficiency, increased throughput, moisture retention and recovery speeds four-times greater than traditional griddles.

Check out a portfolio of our latest products:

ACT Brochure


Accelerated Cooking Technology Video

To download a pdf of our ACT portfolio click here