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Integrated systems drive productivity

Learn More About Enovation and Technology

Manitowoc Education and Technology Center

Manitowoc Foodservice is Innovation in Technology, Brands and Service.

Our innovative spirit and our proprietary Enovation process originates at the Manitowoc Foodservice Technology Center near Tampa, FL.  Here, we work closely with customers from virtually every type of foodservice operations, listening to their challenges, then harnessing technology to solve problems.

The Manitowoc Foodservice Enovation process integrates input from restaurant operators with advanced technology development and global supply chain management to accelerate the development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and launch of new products from Manitowoc brands.  Using the Enovation process, Manitowoc Foodservice has reduced significantly the time required for new product development, bringing some products to market in just a few weeks to meet critical customer requirements.  Key results include a record-setting 60+ new product introductions in 2007, an industry-leading 10 Kitchen Innovation Awards from the  National Restaurant Association, and breakthrough technology applications in cooking speed, refrigeration efficiency, kitchen optimization, and more.

“The key to Manitowoc Foodservice Enovation is first listening carefully to customers, and gaining a full understanding of their food, labor, kitchen process flow, and other operational factors,” says Rick Caron.  “Members of our culinary, engineering and support teams often work side-by-side in customer operations to better understand all their critical needs and opportunities.  We supplement this with work-flow analysis, intensive customer interviews and other data to begin creating new solutions.”

Customers First, Technology Enables.

Armed with data, experience and insights, the Manitowoc Foodservice team quickly creates product concepts, and rapidly develops prototypes for customer consideration.  The focus is always on the customer’s requirements first, then on harnessing the right enabling technology to deliver needed results.

“In many cases, the best solution blends improved kitchen workflow and streamlined processes with existing technology,” Caron explains.  “Our customers frequently are delighted that they can greatly improve their kitchen efficiency through work flow changes and kitchen equipment integration that uses proven, familiar technology.”

To test and prove the equipment concepts, Manitowoc Foodservice invites restaurant operators and their key staff to its Manitowoc Foodservice Education and Technology Center near Tampa, FL.  There, operators work on the prototype equipment side-by-side with Manitowoc Foodservice culinary, engineering and support teams, testing each menu item for cooking time, quality, holding characteristics and more.  These sessions frequently lead to more insights which are integrated rapidly into the kitchen, retested, and proven.

Success Stories

While the exact process differs with each customer, the results are consistent and success stories impressive.  In addition to the Kitchen Innovation award winners, some of the most recent success stories regarding new concepts include:

“All these solutions and many others are in service today or planned in the near future,” says Caron.  “In every case, the collaborative Enovation process allowed Manitowoc Foodservice to deliver solutions at record speeds, creating new sales and profit opportunities for the restaurants which use them.”