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Ten Technology Tips for Foodservice Profit Improvement

Here are 10 Technology Tips from Manitowoc Foodservice for using recent technology advances to improve restaurant profits.  These tips can help you save steps, time, labor, energy and more while improving food quality and kitchen throughput, all components of improving profitability:

  1. Chill Out
  2. Save Steps and Time
  3. Control the Kitchen
  4. Hold On
  5. Energize Your Savings
  6. Close the Loop
  7. Get Some Sleep
  8. Less Drain, Less Pain
  9. Maintain Your Gain
  10. Incentive Yourself

Chill Out.  A variety of new materials, controls and enhancements make today’s commercial refrigeration more efficient, reducing energy costs, improving food safety, and keeping food fresh longer.  Delfield’s patented LiquiTec® systems also reduce compressor run time while offering unprecedented flexibility in refrigeration design.  And Versa Drawer™, the latest NRA Kitchen Innovation from Delfield, allows you to change a single unit from refrigerator to freezer to a thawing drawer to convenience chiller unit and back, potentially reducing the total amount of food storage space in your kitchen. Back to top

Merrychef 402sSave Steps and Time.  Integrating work stations for maximum productivity within your kitchen saves steps, time and labor while maximizing kitchen output and speeding service.  Accelerated Cooking Technology™ from Manitowoc Foodservice allows you to place compact, high-performance cooking platforms and point-of-need refrigeration in efficient workstations, many of which can reduce or eliminate labor content from traditional processes.  Merrychef, Lincoln, Cleveland, Garland and Frymaster offer a variety of high-efficiency, high-speed cooking options that can power these labor-and-space saving stations.  With custom fabrication capabilities and the flexibility of LiquiTec, VersaDrawer and a full line of preparation and refrigeration systems, Delfield offers the refrigerated base to optimize Manitowoc Foodservice Kitchen EXCEL-eration Systems. Back to top

Control the Kitchen.  Reliable electronic controls help generate consistent, high quality food results without consistent, high-cost attention from your chefs.  With “Press and Go” on the Convotherm® by Cleveland combi oven steamers, your chefs simply press one button for ideal results.  Labor-saving controls are also available on Frymaster fryers, Garland grills and ovens, Merrychef accelerated cooking ovens, and Lincoln conveyor ovens.  Electronic controls are proven reliable on products from our Manitowoc Foodservice brands, undergoing harsh lab and field testing before use and always backed by our 24-hour emergency service in the unlikely event they ever fail. Back to top

Frymaster Holding StationHold On.  Advances in holding technology allow kitchens to cook proteins and other items in small batches, then hold them safely and at high quality for extended times in the kitchen.  That combines cook-to-order quality with faster production, while delivering labor and energy savings.  Hot holding bins and lines from Frymaster, Merco and Delfield are used for a wide variety of products in all day-parts.  Frymaster’s programmable holding station optimizes holding of a wide variety of fried and baked menu items.  And Merco’s humidity controlled pizza warming units keep pizza fresh in an attractive display for boosting impulse sales in front-of-the-house locations. Back to top

Energize Your Savings.  Whether you choose electric or gas for your cooking units, improved heat transfer method, burner technologies, and control capabilities make your cooking more efficient.  Beyond cooking, more than 1,000 Manitowoc Foodservice EnerLogic products from Cleveland, Delfield, Dean, Frymaster, Garland, and Jackson help you save energy, water, money, and maybe even the planet. Back to top

Close the Loop.  Steam is one of the most efficient and effective cooking methods.  The Advanced Closed System™ on Convotherm by Cleveland combi oven steamers retains more steam in the cooking chamber throughout the cooking cycle, keeping food moist and fresh, improving nutrient retention, and reducing energy consumption. Back to top

Get Some Sleep.  Along with the other benefits of electronic controls, many models offer sleep and idle modes to save money during quiet times.  Lincoln and Frymaster offer variable power controls on conveyor cooking and fryer units.  Coupled with quick recovery systems and automated temperature monitoring, your systems wake up quickly and gain full productivity fast. Back to top

Less Drain, Less Pain.  Water-saving technology is built into steam equipment from Cleveland and dishwashers from Jackson.   Manitowoc Foodservice and our companies are also working with a variety of organizations to create new standards for water-saving in foodservice equipment.  When there’s less water going down the drain, there’s less financial pain. Back to top

Enodis STAR serviceMaintain Your Gain.  Keeping your kitchen running efficiently for the long-term is even more important than making your kitchen efficient.  Our STAR service network can help you maintain your profit gains with preventative maintenance programs, guaranteed emergency service and original factory parts to keep your kitchen running smoothly, around-the-clock. Back to top

Incentivize Yourself.  A growing number of states and municipalities are partnering with utility companies to offer financial incentives for energy-saving technology.  For example, in California, restaurant operators can receive rebates as high as $1,000 when purchasing new energy-saving kitchen equipment.  Not sure what’s available to you?  Energy Star offers a rebate finder that tracks financial incentives nation-wide. Back to top