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If you haven’t heard of Manitowoc’s High Performance Kitchen team, huddle up!


Manitowoc High Performance Kitchens (HPK) are turning heads, and turning profits. When it comes to operational effectiveness and efficiency, every kitchen has an optimal workflow. The Manitowoc Foodservice High Performance Kitchen Team helps operators design custom kitchen environments based on operational effectiveness and the unique needs of operator menus, resulting in a more efficient, more fluid kitchen where inspiration thrives and profits soar.

Manitowoc’s HPK Group consists of a team of highly skilled restaurant operations experts as well as engineers, chefs, and designers that diagnose, analyze, then develop customized integrated solutions that optimize the quality, efficiency, and process flow of service and production while reducing the kitchen’s footprint, water, consumables, and energy consumption. Manitowoc’s HPK Group will help take your business to the next level.

“We worked with a family-dining chain whose kitchen concept was more than 35 years old. Speed of service was slow and production was complex because its menu had changed over the years, but its kitchen hadn’t. By analyzing the operation, we updated the holding equipment while repurposing some of its existing equipment. Speed of service increased by 50 percent, quality was enhanced, and the solution was flexible enough to fit multiple store configurations,” says Howard Kosel, VP, Manitowoc Foodservice, High Performance Kitchens Initiative.  HPK Case Study:  Brinker Restaurants

Through the seamless integration of operator needs and equipment application, Manitowoc combines the disciplines of industrial engineering with culinary sciences to create holistic kitchens with optimized workflow, energy and labor savings, more comfortable work environments, exceptional foods, and most importantly, thrilled customers. Download our HPK brochure.