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Hold On! New hot-holding technologies improve food safety and quality of food


At Manitowoc Foodservice, skilled engineers, designers, and culinary experts work every day on new products and advanced systems to make tomorrow’s kitchens smarter, safer, more productive, more energy efficient, and better able to deliver consistent, high quality foods, faster.  An essential part of that successful formula includes hot-holding equipment.

Today’s hot-holding systems not only know how long it takes to prepare food, but how long it can be held. New safety features alert kitchen staff when the safe-holding time has expired and it's time to begin a fresh batch of food. These “smart” features eliminate the quality and safety issues once associated with holding food too long. 

Hot-holding equipment has become smaller, more flexible, and less obstructive. Settings can be optimized for individual pans, providing the ideal environment for high-quality holding of a wide variety of products. Small batches can be prepared and held for longer periods of time without sacrificing quality, allowing for faster product assembly at peak and off-peak periods. In addition, hot-holding capabilities can be installed at the workstation as orders are prepared, maximizing flexibility in stocking and accessing product.

“In the past, just the traditional quick serve restaurants were able to utilize hot-holding effectively.  But now, with new technologies, all restaurants can safely maintain the quality of a cooked product for their customers. This means that the little delis, c-stores, and family restaurants can offer the time-crunched customer “hot off the grill” tastes for extended periods,” says Steve Everett, product manager for Manitowoc Foodservice’s Merco brand.

Anticipating your kitchen’s future needs when it comes time to updating will ensure a hot-holding program that keeps your kitchen running smoothly in downtimes and peak periods. Today’s innovative hot-holding options include free-standing and built-in thermal shelving, fried food holding stations, self-contained hot food merchandisers, and combi oven/steamers integrated with holding cabinets where staff can load food from the back and unload from the front.

5 Energy Saving Hot-holding Tips:

1. Insulated units – well insulated holding cabinets have been shown to be up to 65% more efficient than uninsulated models.

2. Night time – make sure to shut down the holding cabinet at night so you are not heating empty space.

3. Utilize smart controls – Using variable temperature controls as needs fluctuate help to optimize energy savings.

4. Turn it off – during slow times, turn off some or all of the warmers to conserve energy.

5. Maintain – schedule regular maintenance to keep equipment in proper working condition and to extend the life of the machine.