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Glocalization is a trend that has helped many chains to successfully expand to all parts of the globe. To glocalize means making adjustments to your concept to ensure that wherever you expand, locals can relate to your operation. This rethinking can have small, or even far-reaching, implications. From the perspective of food, many North American chains expanding into global markets have made slight adjustments to their menu to accommodate local tastes. For chains looking to expand from other countries into the US, even the name of operations have been adjusted to better speak to American consumers. Successful Glocalization is usually achieved when operators have strong strategic partners operating within the markets they are expanding into.

Manitowoc Foodservice supplies major chains around the world. We have helped many chains expand beyond the shores of North America to other parts of the world, and we have assisted chains from other parts of the world to locate here. We understand the service components necessary to provide our key strategic partners with what they need to expand.

On the culinary support side of the equation, we provide our experience and expertise to help operators expand or adjust their menu while still using the equipment they are familiar with and have been successful with. Of course in some cases, we have made necessary adjustments in equipment due to factors like space restrictions, local regulations, higher energy costs or any number of other realities particular to space relocation.

On the supply side of the equation, we provide global service and support in virtually every major market in the world. It is how we are helping operators lessen the amount of time it takes to become operational and build successful operations. Manitowoc Foodservice is already on the ground with manufacturing service and support in place. There’s a global market there for the taking - the key to success goes beyond developing a global strategy; it is in fact a glocal strategy that will help lead to long-term success for operators looking to expand beyond their borders.

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