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Cleveland Steamers Best in Class

Cleveland Steam Crab

Cleveland is a recognized best-in-class brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of steam cooking equipment. Kitchens that utilize steam cooking technologies are able to increase cooking speed, reduce waste, improve menu quality and save energy, helping to create more efficient work spaces.

The Cleveland SteamChefTM, the first boiler free convection steamer with SteamSaverTM Technology, now standard on all gas and electric models. SteamSaverTM is an exclusive energy and water saving design that meets ENERGY STAR® requirements. This new design significantly reduces energy and water consumption while maintaining high quality cooking performance.

The SteamChefTM features the patented KleanShieldTM cooking compartment and is designed to automatically collect and remove waste, keeping the compartment clean and safe from impurities. This feature also eliminates foaming and avoids contamination of the reservoir water common in boiler free connectionless steamers.

The unit's open-style 1.5-gallon water reservoir in the cooking compartment allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The affordable Cleveland SteamChefTM offers cooking capacity in both three and six 12-inch x 20-inch x 2.5-inch deep steam-table pans, making it ideal for schools, hospitals, coffee shops, delis, convenience stores, stadiums, recreation facilities, restaurants and more.

For more info on this ENERGY STAR approved unit, visit the SteamChef minisite and the ENERGY STAR® Commercial Steam Cooker site.