Green Equipment

Green Equipment, Focus on Delfield Refrigeration

Refrigeration alone can account for 19% of an operation's energy usage. Delfield offers more than 900 reach-in and undercounter refrigerator models that meet ENERGY STAR® criteria. The ENERGY STAR label can lead to 35% energy savings with payback on the equipment investment within 1.3 years.

In 2011, Delfield had 86% of their units sold with the ENERGY STAR label. Delfield's extensive efforts in growing their offering in the refrigerator category was a key contributor to Manitowoc Foodservice receiving the 2012 ENERGY STAR Partner of Year for Sustained Excellence.

Manitowoc has also continued to promote the ENERGY STAR brand in print, electronic media and to educate our customers through hands-on training sessions at Manitowoc University. One key tool is our Apple and Google Play apps for the 6000 series uprights and 4400 prep tables. Download these apps by visiting

Regular service, recharging refrigerant, proper air flow and always closing the door completely after use are other simple tips to increase energy savings. Delfield also uses environmentally friendly R404A refrigerant. Consider replacing your old refrigeration unit and reducing the impact on the environment you will save some cash along the way.

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