Green Equipment

Jackson CREW Offers Lowest Water, Chemical, and Energy Use

Jackson Crew

CREW (Clean, Reliable, Eco-friendly Warewashing) offers best-in-class energy-saving features built around the largest wash tank in the industry that holds temperatures longer. The WISR® Cleaning System effectively cleans all ware surfaces through a deluge of water and heavy agitation while reducing water consumption to an industry leading 0.32 gallons per rack in the CREW 44.

CREW 44 is ENERGY STAR® qualified and cleans 218 racks per hour using only 0.32 gallons (1.2 liters) of water per rack; CREW 66 cleans 223 racks per hour using only 0.35 gallons (1.3 liters) of water per rack.
The Rainbow RinseTM features an exclusive arched rinse arm that provides superior rinse action while reducing water usage. The exclusive EnergyGuardTM control system cuts idle energy use by allowing the machine to operate only when a rack is being washed or rinsed.

Jackson MSC offers up to 19 ENERGY STAR rated warewashing machines taking production, energy and water efficiency to the next level.

Don't forget these energy saving tips for dishwashers:

  1. Load it up - only run full loads
  2. Clean it - clean your dishwasher regularly - empty scrap tray regularly and delime to keep build up from forming on wash and rinse jets

To learn more about Jackson CREW, download our brochure.

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