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ArcticFox by Kolpak offers True Demand Defrost

Arctic Fox

Kolpak’s ArcticFox™ Controller is the next generation in refrigeration controls and custom designed for use with Kolpak walk-in coolers and freezers. The controller consists of smart relay boards pre-mounted and wired on the evaporator, then connected to a user interface display board via CAT5 cable for ease of installation and operator’s choice of location.

The controller provides maximum energy efficiency through the use of electronic expansions valves and “true demand defrost” technology. Tru-Dmnd™ defrost initiates defrost cycles only when defrost is needed. It avoids up to 93% of standard system defrost cycles and up to 12% fewer cycles than a "smart defrost" control. The fewer defrost cycles improve temperature stability in the box and a safer environment for the contents within. While self-adjusting defrost cycles means no need for seasonal adjustments.

Other energy savings features include a compartment light control and door ajar alarm. The ArcticFox controller combines with Kolpak’s 120 Series Refrigeration to provide the most energy efficient refrigeration systems in the industry.

Visit our ArcticFox information website, or view the ArcticFox Flyer.