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Manitowoc Ice Indigo

Manitowoc Ice IndigoTM Series Provides Intelligent Thinking Inside the Box

Manitowoc Ice leads the way with dozens of ENERGY STAR ice machines that deliver an average of 15% more energy efficiency and 10% less water usage than standard models. The Indigo Series ice machines take production, energy and water efficiency to the next level.

The Indigo Series uses technology to simplify and optimize the ice-making process. Custom ice programs allow you to save energy by planning appropriate production for peak and off-peak times. And the EasyRead display provides energy and water usage reports, making it easy to adjust for even better performance. Water quality sensor probes allow you to reduce water usage by 20%. Patented Air-assist Harvest Technology speeds the ice harvest cycle by forcing air between the evaporator and the ice sheet. Faster ice cycles lower overall energy use for the same amount of ice produced.

Choosing the right-sized ice machine is key to reducing energy waste. Proper maintenance, cleaning and regularly changing the filter are a few other easy ways to save energy. Manitowoc Ice machines use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants.

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