2008 KI Winners

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Frymaster Protector™

fryerchefFrymaster's new Protector™ fryer takes high-tech “smart” frying to the next level with innovative oil and energy-saving features. The Protector’s 30 lb frypot uses 40 percent less oil, yet delivers as much great-tasting food as frypots nearly twice its size – all while posting an industry-leading energy efficiency rating of 85.6 percent, exceeding federal ENERGY STAR® standards.

Kitchen Innovations 2008 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show for its SMART4U™ technology has a 30 lb frypot that uses 40 percent less oil to fill with the production capacity equal to 50 lb frypots. Its hightechnology features automatically monitor frypot oil levels, replenishing oil as needed, and alert the operator when the in-cabinet jug-in-box (JIB) oil supply needs changing.

Its high-technology features can also maximize the fryer’s oil life to up to four weeks according to research conducted by ESCA Enterprises Inc., of Glen Mills, Pa. The Protector features Frymaster’s SMART4U™ technology, designed to protect oil quality and extend oil life. The Oil Attendant™ automatically monitors frypot oil levels, replenishes oil as needed, and alerts operators when the replenishment oil container needs changing. Meanwhile, Frymaster's renowned, patented FootPrint PRO® built-in filtration system preserves oil life and ensures the quality of fried foods, putting filtration where it’s most convenient to use – right within the Protector fryer battery.

“Our new Protector fryer is so named because it offers protection from many of the pressures that face foodservice operators today,” said Brenda Fried Humphreys, vice president of marketing for Frymaster, an Enodis company. “Today’s foodservice equipment has to be cost effective, labor saving, easy to use and streamlined. The Protector offers all of those benefits, and consistently delivers high quality foods that satisfy customers. And it does it using less oil, energy and labor, and generating less waste.”

The Protector offers significant oil cost savings, which Humphreys notes can in turn be used to help operators convert to healthier trans fat-free oils. It also simplifies and automates typical fryer maintenance tasks, such as oil replenishment and refilling, which offers labor savings and protects workers.

“The Protector is the latest offering from Frymaster designed to help operators serve customers “better for them” foods,” Humphreys said. “It is integral to our industryleading Fit Frying program, which helps operators meet customer demands for greattasting, healthier foods through equipment and technology solutions, and education.”