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the art and science of Convenience


Loyal beverage customers can be the highest repeat customer in your store. Fueling that growth are innovations that offer beverage customization, healthier drink choices, and multiple ice options. With Manitowoc Foodservice equipment you can do more than just manage your program, you can grow it into a profitable beverage destination center... read more

Manitowoc Ice

If you have a need for ice, we have the right ice machine for you. With over 60 years in the business, Manitowoc ice machines have earned the reputation for being reliable as well as energy efficient. Currently, there are more than 60 models that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines for water and energy efficiency. In addition, Manitowoc ice machines have received the Overall Best in Class Award from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine for nine consecutive years.

Nugget Ice Machine

Chewable nugget ice machines

Great things happen when you combine the popularity of nugget ice with the quality and reliability of Manitowoc ice machines. Manitowoc’s redesigned nugget ice machines offer superior technology, longer operating life, and maximum ice production levels with minimum operating loads.

  • Customer favorite nugget ice provides a softer, chewable texture while still providing maximum cooling
  • Innovative technologies make ice machines to clean and maintain
  • Automatically provides a self-flushing procedure eliminating scale build up
  • Can be applied to Servend beverage dispensers for an unbeatable soft drink experience
  • Daily ice production from 900 to 1,490 lbs.

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 Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice machines

Manitowoc Ice offers traditional flake ice, hard bits of ice used for food/beverage display and cooling. Flake ice provides a leading ice-to-water ratio preventing the ice from clinging to the items it cools; perfect for displaying products or hand scooping into drinks.

  • Soft, moldable flake ice won’t bruise produce; holds it shape for nesting displayed items
  • Provides the best water-to-ice ratio, preventing the ice from clinging to items
  • Choose from undercounter or modular units
  • Daily ice production from 83 to 1,180 lbs.

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Large ice capacity within a narrow footprint

If floor space in your foodservice program is an issue, Manitowoc Ice offers high capacity 22” wide ice machines that take up a much smaller footprint. ENERGY STAR® rated models are available.

  • Great for convenience store applications when placed on top of an ice storage bin or Servend beverage dispenser
  • Choose from dice or half dice ice options
  • 22” wide SD Series daily ice production from 320 – 460 lbs

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Servend offers trendy beverage dispensing solutions

Servend is a leading distributor of beverage dispensing systems, installation components and replacement parts. Whether you need soda, juice, or energy beverage products, we have the equipment and parts to dispense it correctly.

Flavor Pic 250 Servend

Servend's FLAV'R PIC™

ice/beverage dispenser gives your customers over a million beverage combinations to customize their drink to their taste...16 beverage selections and up to 8 flavor enhancements. Built-in ice crusher provides two types of ice from a single ice maker/ice dispenser combination - cubed and crushed.

  • Millions of possible beverage combinations will drive repeat business
  • One ice/beverage dispenser reduces your equipment expense, installation costs, and maintenance
  • 30” footprint maximizes counter space while increasing beverage offerings
  • Patented rocking chute ice dispense technology reduces ice spillage. 250 lbs. of ice storage.

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 SV 200 Flavor Pic

SV 200

Servend's SV Series beverage dispenser offers patented icepic™ technology – a built-in ice crusher providing a selection of crushed or cubed ice from a single ice maker/ice beverage dispenser combination.

  • Front serviceability of all major components 
  • Accessible front bin extension allows for easier manual ice filling
  • Patented rocking chute ice dispense technology reduces ice spillage
  • Ice storage capacity up to 200 lbs.

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Multiplex Blend-in-Cup workstation

Capitalize on your customer's thirst for blended drinks with an automated, easy-to-use workstation

With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the new Multiplex Blend-in-Cup™ Workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages, like smoothies, to your operation. So easy to operate you can be up and running as a crew-serve or self-serve beverage destination in no time.

Blend in cup
  • Prepare a blended beverage from start to finish in less than 40 seconds
  • Simplify staff operation with exclusive easyToUCH™ control, an icon-based touch screen control that makes beverage preparation and inventory management easy
  • Built-in refrigeration for storage & dispense system
  • Onboard nugget ice machine maintains high-volume drink capacity during peak hours. Ice maker supports high volume ice demand within a 24 hr period.



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Manitowoc makes it easy for C-Store operators to deliver successful foodservice programs with equipment that offers accelerated cooking technology, ventless ovens, smaller footprints, and pre-programmable, easy-to-use cooking technologies that make foodservice programs as easy to undertake as they are profitable.