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the art and science of Convenience


You’ve created the perfect Grab-and Go menu, now make sure items are kept refrigerated and easily accessible to your customers. Manitowoc Foodservice manufactures walk-in coolers and freezers and display merchandisers that will keep your creations fresh and looking great. Power your refrigeration equipment with a dependable and energy-efficient Manitowoc RDI refrigeration system.

Kysor Panel Systems

Effective Grab-and-Go programs require the right refrigerated display equipment

Since its founding in 1947, Kysor Panel Systems has established itself as a leader in walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, and display cooler products for supermarkets, convenience stores and retail companies. With its advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, Kysor Panel offers the best value, ensures lasting quality, and provides on-time delivery.

Grab-and-Go Displayer Kysor Panel
  • Kysor Panel Systems for Grab-and-Go applications include:
        Beverage display and storage
        Beer caves
        Food display and storage
        Ice storage
  • To reduce costs in shipping and provide convenience to customers, coast-to-coast manufacturing is offered throughout the United States with facilities located in Piney Flats, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; and Fort Worth, Texas
  • Kysor Panel provides a complete package of merchandising display equipment including refrigeration systems and glass display doors

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    RDI Refrigeration Systems

    Refrigeration Design Innovation Systems (RDI Systems) manufactures new and innovative refrigeration systems for use in commercial and retail businesses.

    Duo-Pak condensing units - RDI Refrigeration

    RDI Refrigeration Duo-Pak condensing units

    Duo-Pak condensing units from RDI Refrigeration systems perform the functions of two condensing units, supplying refrigeration to both a walk-in cooler and a freezer. Duo-Pak is available as PCL (pre-charged with refrigerant and up to 40' of pre-charged lines provided), PC (pre-charges with refrigerant for up to 50' line length) or PR (pre-assembled remote system shipped with nitrogen holding charge).

    • Installer has only one unit to mount reducing the amount of space required
    • Single point electrical; easy access to electrical panel
    • Energy efficient PSC fan motors come standard
    • Two large 14" fan blades
    • Individual oversized receiver tanks allows capacity for additional refrigerant during pump down when long line runs are required on remote units
    • Outdoor unit provided with weatherproof housing; indoor unit provided with special indoor housing

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     Scroll Condensing Unit - RDI

    RDI Scroll Condensing Unit

    RDI Scroll condensing units offer efficient, reliable, and low noise refrigeration options while providing higher capacity without increasing the package size. RDI’s 120 Series come in a pre-fit remote (PR) with no refrigerant charge, or a pre-charged remote (PC) with refrigerant. Premium and economy units are available.

    • Energy efficient scroll compressor design lowers annual owner cost to operate
    • Larger 120°F condenser design works in higher temperature applications
    • New electrical compartment design is service-friendly, designed to allow access to electrical components without removal of the housing

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    Offer delicious, healthy, pre-assembled products for your on-the-go customers 

    Grab-and-go programs like those found in convenience stores are building a clientele list that rivals that of the traditional dining experience.

    Grab-and-Go Display Kysor/Warren

     Kysor/Warren manufactures grab and go display merchandisers that are versatile, dependable and energy-efficient – translating into cost-savings and increased product sales.

    • Kysor/Warren products lead the industry in reducing energy costs and improving product stability
    • Display merchandisers conserve space and provide easy access to merchandise for optimum impulse buying
    • Customers will never have to worry about sacrificing quality, flavor, looks, or safety when purchasing their on-the-go items
    • Merchandisers are available in standard or low profile; glass, plexiglass, or open fronts; single or dual temperature controls; single layer or multi-deck; and “specialty” merchandisers

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    Manitowoc makes it easy for C-Store operators to deliver successful foodservice programs with equipment that offers accelerated cooking technology, ventless ovens, smaller footprints, and pre-programmable, easy-to-use cooking technologies that make foodservice programs as easy to undertake as they are profitable.