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Consumers are changing. How will you adapt?

Your customers are constantly evolving their tastes, their behavior and their demands on your operation.
By identifying the most relevant consumer trends, Enodis helps you prepare for the future with solutions adapted to the ever-changing marketplace.


Trends we are currently studying include:

Consumers are expecting more products and services everywhere they go.
How to Adapt
To help operators serve their customers’ favorite foods in more convenient locations, Enodis offers the industry’s largest portfolio of Accelerated Cooking Technology® and integrated Kitchen EXCELeration Systems TM.

Consumers are living 24-hour lifestyles, eating at all hours of the day and night.
How to Adapt
Enodis Accelerated Cooking Technology® enables operators to serve more options around the clock with a reduced labor force and still get food to the customer fast .

Green Hot
Consumers are demanding resource-saving products and sustainability.
How to Adapt
Enodis offers more than 600 resource-efficient products to save energy and money.

Sensory Appeal
Consumers are looking for more intense sensory experiences.
How to Adapt
Color, aroma, and texture all impact the sensory appeal of your meals. Enodis  technologies help enhance the total dining experience by stimulating the senses.

Consumers want global brands to have local charm.
How to Adapt
Enodis blends global presence with local resources to help you adapt everywhere you go. By applying insights from our global brands, Enodis can help your operation deliver the best possible results around the world.

Active consumers are raising grass-roots concerns to public and legislative forums.
How to Adapt
As consumer activism affects restaurant regulations, Enodis has responded with equipment and partnerships to help operators address key issues.

Consumers use technology to discover new options and improve their experience.
How to Adapt
Effective operators tightly integrate front-of-the-house service with back-of-the-house systems to improve the customer experience and their own profits. Self-diagnosing and linked equipment keeps the kitchen at peak performance 24/7/365.

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