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Day 1

Kitchenology Buzz on Day One at The NAFEM Show







When two global equipment leaders like Manitowoc and Enodis unite, the results are simply amazing. On day one at The NAFEM Show, hours before the show even started, the face of the new Manitowoc Foodservice was introduced to the industry. President Mike Kachmer greeted more than 500 guests including channel partners, operators and media, with a presentation over breakfast that outlined the company’s resources and how those will be applied to customers’ businesses. 

The new Manitowoc Foodservice brings a world of experience and opportunity to the table. As a world-leading producer of foodservice equipment, the company’s expertise now encompasses both hot and cold food applications. One of its greatest strengths is an ability to orchestrate the intersection of great food, knowledgeable people and innovative equipment to create truly amazing dining experiences. 
Managing this intersection of industry experience, customer collaboration, innovative thinking and award-winning technology creates what Manitowoc Foodservice calls Kitchenology. This proprietary approach to building a customer’s businesses begins with insights into the broad market trends that shape consumer behavior. 
Several of these key trends and their respective equipment solutions are being brought to life each day of the show in LIVE demonstrations by the Manitowoc Foodservice culinary team, led by Chef Alison Cullin-Woodcock. Every hour, the team demonstrates how simple it is to create flavorful, on-trend foods that answer specific consumer needs.
According to Chef Cullin-Woodcock, “The core of our Kitchenology philosophy is that consumer trends driving consumption are the starting points for every equipment innovation we create. We watch consumer trends over time to determine where they intersect and impact an operator’s menu.”
Two of the most important trends behind Manitowoc Foodservice’s Accelerated Cooking Technology™ are Clockless and Convenience. Clockless reflects the nontraditional meal times that have become the norm. The company helps operators meet this trend with equipment that enables daylong food production or allows them to put food in nontraditional locations. 
The Convenience trend is driven by consumers demanding more products, locations, accessibility, and service speed. But they also want it with additional benefits such as portability, nutrition, quality and value. 
In addition, LIVE food demonstrations alternate throughout the day with beverage demonstrations by a Mixologist. These highlight some of the hottest flavor trends driven by consumer preference. One of the most popular with demonstration observers seemed to be a version of the traditional chocolate shake, created with technology in the Servend FLAV’R PIC beverage dispenser. 
Something else new this year is the Kitchenology™ lounge, where Manitowoc’s stellar team of operations, equipment and restaurant consultants explore ways in which to help operators minimize footprint, while maximizing efficiency and savings, ultimately bolstering the bottom line. 
Return tomorrow for an update on day two of The NAFEM Show from the Manitowoc Foodservice booth #1842.