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Garland Xpress Grill


Garland, a leader in automated, 2-sided grilling technology, proudly introduces the latest in a long line of innovative cooking solutions, the new Xpress Grill. Garland’s Xpress Grill features innovative dual-surface cooking, along with programmable controls that automatically adjust cook time, temperature, and other grill settings based on the product selected. Upper and lower grill plates cook both sides simultaneously, reducing cook times by 50 percent.

The Xpress Grill’s upper and lower grill plates cook on both sides simultaneously, reducing cook times by up to 50%. The gap between the plates can be programmed to accommodate various products, including meat patties, sliced meats, chicken filets, and more. With minimal training, an operator can repeat Xpress Grill’s fool-proof, hands-off cook cycle again and again, assured of consistently cooked product and optimized safety. Xpress Grill was designed and built specifically for use in QSR, so it’s simple, efficient, compact, reliable, and easy to maintain.

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