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Quest EMS Energy Management System

questLincoln announces a  new high performing energy-saving additions to the Impinger® product line. The Quest EMS™, Lincoln's new energy management system and 2009 NRA Kitchen Innovation winner. While FastBake™ reduces pizza baking time by up to 30 percent, Quest EMS™ optimizes the gas/air mixture, lowering gas usage without compromising heat improving oven efficiency and lowering emissions. Faster bake times utilizing less gas equals greater profits!

Quest EMS™ Energy Management System by Lincoln Foodservice Products is a unique energy saving system designed to optimize the performance of a gas or electric powered burner focused to save 40% to 65% energy at idle conditions. Significant energy savings for accelerated impingement ovens are achieved through the complementary effects of reduced fan rpm, optimized burner or electric control settings, and reduced volume impingement air flow  This unique electronic control system optimizes gas burner performance by optimizing the gas/air mixture, lowering gas usage without compromising heat. Optimizing gas/air ratios not only improves oven efficiency, but it also lowers emissions as well.

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