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Global Refrigeration

Delfield designed for the foodservice kitchen by the voice of the customer.

Global Refridgeration

Performance • Function • Value

Delfield Global Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are designed to meet global standards for dimensional, electrical, and certification needs while providing the highest performance capabilities that Delfield reach-in products are well known for in the foodservice industry.



global series

The Delfield Global reach-in refrigerators and freezers are available as one, two and three section reach-in models with stainless steel full and half door version. Standard features built around convenience and ergonomics like full length door handles and LED high intensity interior lighting. The Delfield Global reach-in refrigerators and freezers are covered by the industry’s best service and support network KitchenCare®. Never worry again about service or support issues.


Advanced benefits. Greater results. Top mount expansion valve refrigeration systems are the right design for optimal performance in the toughest foodservice environments. Interior storage capacity is maximized and maintenance access improved also by having the one-piece, removable refrigeration system up top and out of the way.


3 Section Unit

Top Mount Refrigeration: Easy to maintain and keeps heat from the compressor from affecting internal temperature of the unit, making it more efficient.Solid State Controls: Our reliable ACT solid state controls monitor your system and reduce compressor cycling for longer life.
Auto Stay Open/Close Doors: Doors that automatically close up to 90˚ and stay open past 90˚ via a cam hinge design.Snap-On Door Gasket: ABS interior door liner with magnetic snap-on gasket makes cleaning
Full Door Edge Handle: Smooth rounded corners and full lenghth edge door handles give it a clean look and makes it easy to keep looking great.Larger Capacity: 17-20% more capacity than standard reach-ins. Fits all Gastro pan sizes. More storage space means less trips to the market.


1 Section
  • Top mount, high performance expansion valve refrigeration systems.
  • Electronic controls with on-demand defrost.
  • Digital temperature display with visual high/low alarm notification.
  • Stainless exterior fronts.
  • Three standard interior/exterior side metallic finish sets.
  • Simple stay open / self closing door hinges.
  • Easy-grip, integral side door handle.
  • Sized to fit easily through doorways.
  • Maximized interior storage capacity.
  • Easily removable door gaskets.
  • Durable ABS door liner with gasket protection.
  • LED interior lights standard.
  • Door locks standard.
  • Hot gas condensate removal.
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty with additional 2-year part warranty on compressor.






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