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 Carts and Kiosks

Delfield kiosks are an expression of your company and a profit machine for the bottom line. Whether you're just getting started or you're ready to expand with new locations, Delfield carts and kiosks will help you realize those aspirations.

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What are Carts & Kiosks?

Image the possibilities, free of bricks and mortar and the overhead associated with both. Free of being held to one single location without the flexibility to easily move to the next “hot spot”. With Delfield carts and kiosks the possibilities are nearly endless. Whatever you wish to serve, Delfield along with other Manitowoc brands has a solution.


Why a Carts and Kiosk System?

Versatile - Delfield kiosks are designed to meet your needs. Let us know the serving objectives and we will handle the rest.

Innovative - Built in hot and cold holding capabilities allow you to not only serve your products, but also have back up storage on hand.

Functional - Let us create a totally integrated system to merchandise and serve your products.

Mobile - Set up the serving cart system where your customers are.

Adaptable - Sanitation and power are key to the success of your cart. Let us add a self contained hand wash sink and breaker panel electrical management system to accommodate your serving needs.

Original - Canopies, signage and menu boards are just a few of the ways that you can create a unique image that is sure to stand out amongst your competition.

 Ice Cream Cart

Make Money while the sun shines, UL Approved.

When it comes to meal times, there’s no telling when or where customers will chose to enjoy their next meal. From airport and mall kiosks to sophisticated food carts in theme parks and sports stadiums; food choices and locations are growing. Take advantage of this trend and reach potential customers when they decide to eat by offering a delicious range of food options where they are at that moment with a Delfield cart or kiosk.



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