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Kitchen of the Future Tours

Starting this April, our touring live hands-on cooking seminar begins across the United States at our manufacturer representative group test kitchen facilities demonstrating the latest in Manitowoc Foodservice oven technologies and state of the art easyToUCHTM touch screen controls. Featuring live equipment such as the Convotherm Combi ovens and mini combis, Garland Induction cooking and Merrychef rapid cook dual technology ovens.

The primary objective of the Kitchen of the Future (KOF) tour is to showcase our channel partner markets with the latest technology offered by Convotherm by Cleveland, Garland Induction, Merrychef Planer Plume technology, Lincoln Impingers, Frymaster Fryers and Manitowoc Ice. Live menu demonstrations include grilled cheese sandwiches in the Convotherm mini combi; pancakes, mini burgers, steak, chicken, cheese crisps, fried eggs on the Garland induction griddle; varies sautés on the Garland induction cook top; and a variety of noodle/Asian dishes on the Garland wok. The griddle, induction cook top, and wok were conveniently all on one unit - the Garland Induction kiosk. Merrychef eikon® e2 and e6 showcased made to order, omelets, sandwiches and full meals with steak, chicken and salmon accompanied with a starch and a vegetable. Planar plume will be a key area of focus with the eikon controller features and benefits.

To participate in the next KOF event, call your local Manitowoc Foodservice Mfg Rep in the cities listed below. We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming KOF Events

• 7/11 - Cincinnati, OH - RSVP 800.492.7400
• 7/16 - Lombard, IL - RSVP 800.733.5238
• 7/22 - Chatsworth, CA - RSVP 818.998.9292
• 7/23 - Fisher, IN - RSVP 800.492.7400
• 7/30 - Westerville, OH - RSVP 614.899.9500
• 8/6 - Hollywood, FL - RSVP 800.226.8389
• 8/13 - New Port Richey, FL - RSVP 727.786.3685
• 8/19 - Pleasenton, CA - RSVP 727.786.3685
• 8/20 - Chicago, IL - RSVP 630.792.0080

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