Manitowoc ServiceService

Support for Today and for Generations

Manitowoc Foodservice knows that proper, efficient performance of your equipment is critical to the profitability of your business. And we also understand how it affects the environment for years to come. Through our STAR Service and EnerLogic™ programs, we provide fast, reliable maintenance and resource-saving technology to help your kitchen perform at its very best today, and for generations.

STAR Service
STAR (Standards Training Authorized Responsive) Certified Service & Parts, a nationwide program provides best-in-class service and parts, is validated annually with performance audits designed to drive continuous improvements within our service network.

You will receive the ultimate standard of service from trained technicians who understand your equipment to fix it right the first time.

Our technician standards mandate factory-certified hands-on training every 3 years, which is validated with rigorous testing. Product knowledge is constantly updated with factory notifications and service bulletins. Intensive training programs include instruction on subjects ranging from Customer Service and Parts Management to Equipment Installation, Planned Maintenance, and more.

Every technician and service agency earns their STAR authorization with each Manitowoc Foodservice Operating Company. Nationwide more than 4,850 techs are on the road dispatched daily from the STAR Network’s 400 Authorized Service and Parts Centers. Each authorized service provider is contractually committed to meet the standards of 50 key performance measurements protecting your operations.

STAR Service Agents know that you have a business to run and respond to your emergency needs in less than 4 hours. Most of our service centers are less than 50 miles from your facility. Every service agency is also held accountable for maintaining the necessary inventory of recommended original equipment manufacturer parts; if a rare or obscure part is needed, express shipping is available.

OEM Parts
All STAR Authorized Service Agents are trained and audited on using only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Because these parts are designed to meet the specific needs of our equipment, their use prevents the issues of generic parts by giving you increased assurance of food and employee safety, longer equipment life, warranty compliance, agency approvals, and energy efficient operations.

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