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Convotherm by Cleveland

New 2in1 mini combi oven expands menu possibilities.

Now you can offer your customers special dishes that require different cooking processes but have to be prepared at the same time with Convotherm® by Cleveland new Mini 2in1 Combi Oven. This flexible combi oven has two separate cooking compartments that allow you to prepare your dishes perfectly without waiting times. Thanks to the intuitive easyToUCH the operation is especially easy. Both cooking compartments are operated from one control panel.

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The Mini 2in1 Combi Oven comes equipped with two separate cooking chambers placed on top of each other allowing foods to be prepared simultaneously using different cooking methods. Both chambers are easily controlled with just a few simple entries on the key pad using Convotherm by Cleveland’s easyToUCH technology. The small footprint, the ease of operation, and the wide range of cooking options delivers maximum performance within a limited amount of floor space.

The easyToUCH control panel displays self-explanatory symbols to help staff navigate through menu options. A visual help mode with operating instructions and a service diagnostic mode quickly offer onsite help should problems occur. Automatically receive software updates via the internet. A USB connection is included for easy up and downloading of programs and recipes. The easyToUCH system does not require any special or additional tooling and supports standard Windows CE platform.
Standard features include the Crisp&Tasty function-food comes out crisp and crunchy, while the inside stays tender and juicy. The Press&Go control displays individual pictures of menued items to choose from making it easy for staff to operate and ensuring optimal quality time after time. Programmable up to 250 recipes with up to 20 steps each.