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Frymaster's New OCF Fryers Deliver
Cost Savings, Green Benefits,
Outstanding Performance, and More...

Frymaster’s new OCF30 Fryers offer the next generation of green benefits and cost savings to the industry. They are made of stainless steel on the outside but their hearts are green on the inside. They are healthier for the environment, customers, workers, and the bottom line. Green benefits range from reduction of oil waste to less energy consumption.

Produce 66% more food per gallon of oil!

Gas or electric, 30 lb. OCF30 Fryers offer the same production capacity as their 50 lb. competitors, yet take 40 percent less oil to fill; resulting in less oil used and less oil discarded into the waste stream. The OCF30’s oil savings is compounded by high-technology features that take the guesswork out of oil management, protect oil quality, and maximize oil life to four weeks or more. Features include an optional automatic oil replenishment technology aptly named Oil Attendant®, as well as Frymaster’s renowned patented FootPrint PRO® filtration system. All models, both gas and electric, have open frypots making it easy to safely access every inch of the frypot for cleaning. 

OCF30 Fryers mind the cooking so workers don't have to and safeguard workers by minimizing their handling of hot oil (less frequent oil changes, built-in filtration, and optional auto top off).

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