Product Innovations


Garland Island Suites—a custom kitchen experience to thrill the most discerning chef

You know your capabilities. You have proven yourself ready, willing, and able to master the realm of culinary excellence. The natural progression in your evolution is to play a part in the design of the tools that make you even greater than you have ever been. An island of your making, filled with all of the practical amenities that will help you to focus on the food, and forget the rest.

Garland Island Suites incorporate some of the most exciting new technology. From induction to Advanced Cooking Technology™ to insights from our operations around the world, you know that your island will have everything you need to allow your creativity to soar. Faster, better, fresher and with more ease than ever. With Garland’s unique emphasis on improving the performance of your kitchen, an investment in an Island Suite not only appeals to the senses, but is a wise investment as well. Design features that save you time, energy, labor, space, and more. Suddenly an island of your own becomes very attractive.

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Garland Island Suites are designed to efficiently solve the problems that can plague every chef throughout the kitchens of the world. Improved workflow. Greater control. An actual kitchen system where everything is within reach, and most importantly, within the view of your watchful eye. As part of Manitowoc Foodservice and its family of more than 20 of the world’s leading makers of high-quality equipment, only Garland is able to create an island that features the finest components available.

Garland Island suites with induction cooking deliver huge energy savings

Garland Island Suites that incorporate induction cooking lets operators and chefs create customized work areas that not only look great but are extremely functional.

  • Induction cooking systems can be individualized according to the needs of the staff and offer sleek design, maximum comfort, and the highest degree of safety when in use. Ideal for integration into island suites.
  • The induction heating field acts only when a pan is present. That means no radiation heat, no unnecessary heating of the work place and shorter cook times.
  • Other Manitowoc Foodservice equipment, such as Delfield undercounter refrigeration, Garland induction units, Cleveland Steamers and Frymaster fryers can be easily incorporated into Garland island suites.