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 Summer is when the sunglasses and sunscreen come out – and ice consumption doubles. Having the right type of ice for customer’s favorite drinks will keep them coming back for more. Manitowoc Ice offers two types of chewable ice for beverages – nugget and crushed, while Manitowoc’s flake ice keeps fruit and salad presentations looking fresh and desirable.

Chewable Nugget Ice

Manitowoc Ice offers two types of chewable nugget ice – regular and tubular. Regular nugget ice has a softer, chewable texture but is hard enough to be dispensed without hand scooping. Small pieces range from 3/8” to ½” in width and length. Tubular nugget ice also has a soft, chewable texture with good cooling properties. Cylindrical shaped nugget with 5/8” diameter and about 1” in length. It is ideal for dispensing applications, reducing the potential for congealing ice and minimizing drink dilution. Thirsty for more? Click here.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice is made using Manitowoc dice or half dice cubes crushed into small pieces using a Manitowoc ice machine and a Servend beverage dispenser equipped with patented icepic™ technology. This provides a selection of crushed or cubed ice from a single ice maker/ice-beverage dispenser combination. Maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio. Thristy for more? Click here.

Flake Ice

Small, soft pieces of ice with a 73% ice to water ratio. Flake ice can be easily molded around objects without bruising and holds in place without tipping or spilling. Perfect for food and beverage presentations, preservation, and hand-scooping into drinks. Thirsty for more? Click here.

Manitowoc Ice offers dice, half dice, regular, tubular, nugget, flake, crushed, and gourmet ice options. Check out all Manitowoc’s ice options and learn what ice type will best fit your ice needs.

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