Product Innovations


Garland Induction Technology

Imagine how efficient and fast it would be if you could generate a precise amount of heat in only the cooking vessel itself.

No burners. No hot surfaces. No heat to transfer.

That’s exactly what Garland® Induction Technology is all about. Barrier-free creative potential with precise, instant powerful heat concentrated exactly where you need it most.

Compare the power of Garland Induction to conventional cook tops:

Huge energy savings
More than 50% energy savings (compared to gas open tops)


Instant Heat
Heat generated directly in the pan base, in direct contact with the food item


Precise temperature control*
Including rapid response/ recovery


Clean work surfaces
Burn on is impossible even at busiest times

Cool working conditions
Way less ambient heat means that kitchens stay cooler

Improved Safety
Patented RTCS and RTCSmp® systems cut back energy supply when boil dry and overheated pan hazards are detected


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