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Lincoln’s New Countertop Impinger (CTI) Goes Digital

Lincoln recently updated the new Countertop Impinger® (CTI) conveyor ovens with a new digital touch pad as a standard feature, making the 2009 Best in Class conveyor oven even more functional. Located on the front of the oven, the intuitive interface of the new push-button control panel gives operators the ability to quickly and easily set conveyor direction, speed, and temperature. The new controls also feature four preset menu buttons with digital time and temperature display.

Small, versatile and powerful – Lincoln’s CTI Countertop Impinger puts large oven capacity almost anywhere it’s needed; small enough to fit on most commercial countertops, but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwave ovens. In most applications ventilation is not required.


Video: Bob Dellert Introduces
the NEW Digital CTI

NEW Digital CTI (2500 Series)

The new Digital CTI is manufactured with state-of-the-art positive detent digital controls. The intuitive interface of the new push-button control panel with a digital temperature display and four (4) pre-set menu options provides a simple-to-operate, end-user experience with consistent throughput.

The new ability to reverse the conveyor motor (right to left / left to right) from the control panel allows easy placement within different kitchen environments. Menu flexibility is enhanced due to an improvement of the adjustable conveyor speed so that it now ranges from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

The new Lincoln Digital CTI includes a more robust 'stepper' motor and a wider temperature range of 90°F (32°C) to 600°F (315°C).

Analog CTI (1300 Series)

The Lincoln analog CTI, like the digital model, is a self-contained conveyorized electric Impinger oven that is stackable up to two high and designed for countertop use. The analog oven controls are located on the front of the oven and include a power on/off switch, temperature control and conveyor speed control. A heating indicator light illuminates letting the operator know when the oven is calling for heat.

1300 Series CTI's temperature is adjustable from 200°F (93°C) to 550°F (288°C) and conveyor speed adjusts from one (1) minute to twenty-four (24) minutes cooking time.

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