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Kolpak WISE guys offer year-round walk-in protection

For over 40 years Kolpak® has manufactured dependable, energy-efficient walk-ins for the foodservice industry. We know how important it is to get the installation done right the first time.
With a team of factory employed service technicians and factory-trained partners from across the United States and Latin America, we take over the installation process, eliminating the guess work in walk-in panel and refrigeration setup. When an installation is done correctly, the life of the walk-in is increased, utility costs are lowered, and you get years of trouble-free operation.

WISE: Walk-ins Installation and Service Experts

  • 16 factory employed service technicians located across the US plus factory trained sub-contractor partners in your market.
  • Panel and refrigeration specialty trained.
  • Latin America support teams.
  • Walk-in panel installation.
  • Refrigeration installation and start-up.
  • Total cold storage solution installation and start-up (panels and refrigeration install and start up).
  • When using our WISE total cold storage or refrigeration installation and start-up, the warranty on Kolpak PC and PCL systems is increased to 2 years parts and labor.
  • One point of contact.  Contact the factory for service and warranty work.

Call your assigned Kolpak Customer Service Representative to set up a WISE installation for you today! Available 24/7 Emergency Assistance by calling 800.826.7036

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